Dec 21, 2012

OkaTimer is released

OkaTimer is timer application for doing your task more quickly.
It display the target time and elapsed time from start.
You can use this application by either desktop or smartphone.


  1. After input to task name and choose target times, push start button.
  2. You can switch RUN and Stop by toggle switch.
  3. Finish your task, check the elapsed time.
  4. If you want next task, push back button and input next one.


  • This application can runs one task only.
  • Target time is limited from "0h 5min" to "24h 55min".
  • No alert when the smartphone is slept.


Dec 20, 2012

Janken Shooting is released

    I released Janken Shooting on GitHub.

    It is browser game for Google Chrome written by Javascript.
    And it working on Google App Engine.

    You can see source codes form my GitHub page.